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Cobra Hood

Tactical Concealment - COBRA Sniper Garments
Tactical Concealment Cobra garments are designed for military and law enforcement operators who require visual camouflage concealment for their head and upper 2/3rd body. It is specifically designed to be worn, in unison, with chest mounted mission gear and armored vest. The garment design supports superior functionality toward observing, stalking, or crawling.
Cobra Family 
Tactical Concealment offers Cobra Hood models for all environmental conditions. Example: If you operate constantly in extreme dry heat or areas it's always wet and raining, consider the Tactical Concealment Mosquito Cobra because it's breathable, lightest weight and the base layer fabric does not retain water when exposed.
Tactical Concealment Cobra Hoods offer simple base models and feature rich models depending on the operators needs and requirements. Heavier weight fabrics = greater strength, durability and abrasion but are heavier in weight and less stow-able than lighter weight models. Lighter weight fabrics = less strength, durability but are less weight and have less space consumption. It's a trade off which you choose and should be dependent on operational requirements and area of operation.
All Original and Berry Amendment Compliant since 1999.
NTOA Approved in 2003.
  • Arctic Cobra AC-1 ARCTIC Cobra

    ARCTIC Cobra

    Arctic Cobra The "Assaulter's" Ghillie      From assaulters to snipers the ability to down-play the enemies visual on you is extremely important. The Cobra is high-speed garment designed not just for snipers but for any operator who...

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  • SALE
    BFC Cobra compared to R.O.I.D. Original SUPER Mosquito HDAM and MCM Tactical Concealment Cobras Tactical Concealment BFC Cobra

    BFC Cobra

    Tactical Concealment - BFC Cobra Big Fuc$#ing Cobra.   BFC shown on 6'5" 265 lb. male form. Mid-Forearm sleeve length Super Roomy     When ordering specify your color choice:   > LD Mesh Tan 499 > LD Mesh...

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  • R.O.I.D. Cobra R.O.I.D. Cobra

    R.O.I.D. Cobra

    Tactical Concealment R.O.I.D. CobraTC R.O.I.D. Cobras are constructed with NYCO as the base layer fabric of the garment.       The "Assaulter's" Ghillie   From assaulter s to snipers the ability to down-play the enemies...

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