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Snipers, get ready to seriously AMP up your hide site.. 

Tactical Concealment is proud to offer for commercial sale our SMB (Signature Management Blanket) series. All our SMB's are built to serve as a ghillie foundation blankets.  


The SMB  is a large 4 ft x 8 ft ghillie base foundation blanket for which users can attach natural vegetation from the surrounding areas into the gridwork of cord sewn onto the MCM MultiCam fabric. Applications are limitless including: desert or green hide site, LPOP, tent shelter, canopy, equipment or weapon cover, individual cover.


  • > Dimensions: 4 ft x 8 ft.
  • > Tight-grid 3-inch cord tacking end-to-end
  • > Currently available in MCM MultiCam, HDAM A-TACS AU & FG, Mosquito Mesh AU (limited time), LD Mesh ODG, 
  • > Future-available (pre-order now): A-TACS IX, A-TACS AU-X, HDAM IX, HDAM AU-X, Mosquito IX, Mosquito AU-X 
  • > Berry Amendment compliant, Made in U.S.A.


MSRP: $595 / Introductory price $385...get'em while you can.