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APPAREL - Base Layer

Tactical Concealment designs and manufacturers signature management base layer sniper garment and equipment systems. We offer a multitude of designs to choose from so the operators can best match our garment system to their equipment loadout and motives of operation.


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  • Arctic Cobra AC-1 ARCTIC Cobra

    ARCTIC Cobra

    Arctic Cobra The "Assaulter's" Ghillie      From assaulters to snipers the ability to down-play the enemies visual on you is extremely important. The Cobra is high-speed garment designed not just for snipers but for any operator who...

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  • ARCTIC Viper ARCTIC Viper

    ARCTIC Viper

    ARCTIC Viper   The ARCTIC Viper is constructed from the InVista Supplex fabric. It is extremely lightweight and very tear resistant. Ghillie garnish and natural foliage can be tied/inserted into the 550 cord wide-grid spacing. The...

    $217.00 - $404.00
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    BFC Cobra compared to R.O.I.D. Original SUPER Mosquito HDAM and MCM Tactical Concealment Cobras Tactical Concealment BFC Cobra

    BFC Cobra

    Tactical Concealment - BFC Cobra Big Fuc$#ing Cobra.   BFC shown on 6'5" 265 lb. male form. Mid-Forearm sleeve length Super Roomy     When ordering specify your color choice:   > LD Mesh Tan 499 > LD Mesh...

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  • HDAM Viper HDAM-2 Viper FG 89A5387

    HDAM Viper

    Tactical Concealment - HDAM Viper  Tactical Concealment HDAM Viper is available only in A-TACS IX. A-TACS AU and FG camo pattern fabric has been discontinued by the Manufacturer and Tactical Concealment does not have this fabric available to...

    $239.00 - $424.00
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    Tactical Concealment Mamba Blouse MAMBA Blouse

    MAMBA Blouse

    Best Built to Endure the Worst….   If you want the BEST ghillie base foundation available the choice is clear... Tactical Concealment Mamba. The Mamba is in a class all of its own. It is built from scratch and constructed from the highest...

    MSRP: $524.50
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    Now: $397.00
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    Mamba Suit Mamba Suit

    Mamba Suit

    As of May 18th, 2022 we have a limited supply of Mamba suits (Trouser & Blouse) on hand. Mamba Suit The Tactical Concealment Mamba suit is designed for military and law enforcement operators who require 360 aerial degree visual camouflage...

    MSRP: $1,049.00
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    Now: $797.00
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    MCM Viper

    The MCM Viper is constructed from the MultiCam Heavy Duty mesh fabric. This is the heaviest weight and strongest tear strength mesh we offer in the Viper family. Due to its thickness some handling, usage and break-in is required after purchase to soften...

    $237.00 - $374.00
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  • R.O.I.D. Cobra R.O.I.D. Cobra

    R.O.I.D. Cobra

    Tactical Concealment R.O.I.D. CobraTC R.O.I.D. Cobras are constructed with NYCO as the base layer fabric of the garment.       The "Assaulter's" Ghillie   From assaulter s to snipers the ability to down-play the enemies...

    $224.00 - $359.00
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    Tactical Concealment SURGEON Hood in action Tactical Concealment SURGEON Hood with face / weapon extension veil deployed

    SURGEON Hood

    Surgeon Hood  by Tactical Concealment   July 30, 2022:  limited quantity in STOCK    BadAsss Tactical Concealment SURGEON Hood's are being produced here at our factory in MCM MultiCam Mesh fabric! We have a limited...

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