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APPAREL - Base Layer

Tactical Concealment designs and manufacturers signature management base layer sniper garment and equipment systems. We offer a multitude of designs to choose from so the operators can best match our garment system to their equipment loadout and motives of operation.


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    Tactical Concealment     ALPHA VIPER  TCAV-1 Sniper Hood  September 11, 2022: All colors in stock  > Tactical Concealment ALPHA Vipers are available specifically to U.S. military and Law Enforcement sniper...

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    BFC Cobra compared to R.O.I.D. Original SUPER Mosquito HDAM and MCM Tactical Concealment Cobras Tactical Concealment BFC Cobra

    BFC Cobra

    Tactical Concealment - BFC Cobra Big Fuc$#ing Cobra.   BFC shown on 6'5" 265 lb. male form. Mid-Forearm sleeve length Super Roomy     When ordering specify your color choice:   > LD Mesh Tan 499 > LD Mesh...

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    Mosquito Viper Mosquito_Viper_A-TACS-AU_backdrape_full

    Mosquito Viper

    (The Backdrape shown attached to Viper in photos is SOLD SEPERATELY.)   Tactical Concealment - Mosquito Viper   IN STOCK! 09/30/21   The A-TACS Mosquito Viper is Tactical Concealment's lightest weight and most...

    $237.00 - $247.00
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  • SC-2 ODG 89C5132
SC-2 CAMELBROWN 89C5131 SC-2 ODG 89C5132

    SUPER Cobra

        "SUPER" Cobra   Tactical Concealment's Super Cobra is exactly the same as our other Cobra models other than the fact the Super Cobra is constructed from Light Duty Tactical Mesh performance fabric.     The...

    $115.70 - $289.00
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    Super Viper

    Super Viper

    SUPER Viper's   Constructed from Tactical Concealment's light-duty, mid-weight mesh. This material offers excellent tear strength and durability while remaining lightweight and breathable. As with all Tactical Concealment base garment foundations,...

    $229.00 - $237.00
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