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Species Born:  PIT-VIPER Sniper Garments

Nest:                Tactical Concealment HQ, Tempe, Arizona USA

Deployment:    October 2019  


The BEST just got better, and the signature management bar has been raised again by industry pioneer and design powerhouse/manufacturer Tactical Concealment, LLC of Tempe, AZ USA.

From the depths of Tactical Concealment Research & Development Nest (TCRDN) we bring to you our most lethal demon sniper suit to date, The Tactical Concealment PIT-Viper. Tactical Concealment PIT-Viper capitalize on a new ergonomic body design and patent-pending “Tunnel-Hood” which allows the operator to position their body and hood better from within. You can really sink into this thing and disappear. The PIT-Viper capitalizes on the company's predecessor Viper and Cobra sniper garments into a much more lethal and capable package. The garment was designed by Mike Stanchik the company owner with hands on from our best customers. The PIT-Viper is designed for military special operational use. It's proven design features support the wearer in their overall operational success. The garment is a design masterpiece, simple and comfortable to wear and use, plus it's lightweight. Countless embedded cords run throughout the garment allowing the operator to adjust, cinch, lengthen or shorten most any feature of the garment body and hood. It's also one-size-fits-all. A variety of modular attachment components can be added or stripped off to increase the PV's mission tailor ability.  

Tactical Concealment owner and founder Mike Stanchik is the pioneer designer of  Viper and Cobra sniper design garments. The PIT-Viper is one of his company's greatest creations and in the future will be offered in Flame Protective materials and Thermal Imaging defeating materials. Tactical Concealment has been selling limited quantity production PIT-VIPER's under the code-name (PIT-VIPER) into the marketspace and been COTS since 2016. We're glad to have this special page created on our new website to support more sales of it to our customers.   



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