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Ghillie Suit Adhesive: E6000

Why waste time squeezing 10 tubes of shoe goo when you can hit MACH-5 with the SHOE GOO Cartridge!

This item cannot be shipped by Airplane (U.S nor Internationally).
This is Shoe-Goo in a cartridge form, and given the name "E6000". Used in conjunction with the caulking gun will speed up the process in constructing your ghillie suit 10 fold. Excellent for large surface areas.

Each cartridge contains 10.2 ounces of adhesive (that is equivalent to nearly 3 tubes of Shoe-Goo). Once the adhesive is dry it remains flexible, water proof and extremely wear-resistant. It can be protected from the UV rays by paint over it using UV paint.

The adhesive is excellent for adhering cotton-on-cotton (canvas onto clothing), it also serves well to adhere netting to your clothing. It does not work well when applied to fabrics that have a urethane coating such as certain Cordura nylons.

We suggest a minimum of 48 hours of dry time. 72 hours yields permanent results.

**Tactical Concealment maintains fresh stock of this adhesive and it is maintained in a climate controlled environment while stored here. Rest assured if you purchase this adhesive from us it will be made availalbe to you in the best condition possible.

NOTE: This product cannot be shipped via air within the U.S. and cannot be shipped internationally.

  • Ghillie Suit Adhesive: E6000 Ghillie Suit Adhesive: E6000

    Ghillie Suit Adhesive: E6000

    Our E6000 adhesive is produced by the same company that makes Shoe~Goo. E6000 is the industrial version of the adhesive with slightly stronger adhesion properties. This adhesive has proven itself over the years to be the best known substance for...