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StalkLand Camo

  • StalkLand Backdrape StalkLand Backdrape

    StalkLand Backdrape

    To be used with Viper garment models that offer a "backdrape support feature". Can also be used as a standalone concealment cover.

  • StalkLand Cobra Hood StalkLand Cobra Hood

    StalkLand Cobra Hood

      Tactical Concealment's Cobra Garment is designed for a military and law enforcement operators who require visual camouflage concealment for their head and upper 2/3 body. It is specially designed to be worn, in unison, with chest mounted mission...

  • Backdrape sold separately Backdrape sold separately

    StalkLand Viper Hood

    *Backdrape in picture sold separately* The StalkLand Viper is constructed from the StalkLand NyCo Xtreme fabric. Ghillie garnish and natural foliage can be tied/inserted into the 550 cord wide-grid spacing. Whether you’re an assaulter or sniper...