H-4 Hood

$150.80 - $156.00
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H-4 NYCO or Supplex Crown, Mesh Sides, Tight Grid (All H-4 Hoods are Tight Grid)
  • Light Duty Mesh (Camelbrown) - Medium Strength/ more breathable
  • Light Duty Mesh (OD Green) - Medium Strength/ more breathable
  • Heavy Duty MultiCam Mesh (MCM) - Strong/ some breathability (stiff when new)
  • HDAM (Heavy Duty A-TACS AU Mesh) - Strong/ some breathability
  • HDAM (Heavy Duty A-TACS FG Mesh) - Strong/ some breathability
  • Supplex (thin Nylon material/ used by outdoor adventurers) - Medium strength/ little to no breathability
  • NYCO (Nylon-Cotton/ "Ripstop") - Strong/ little to no breathability