Sniper Ghilliesuit Kit # 7

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Sniper Ghilliesuit Kit #7
(Individual Camouflage Concealment Deception Kit)
I.C.C.D. Kit # 7 is a "Multi-Environment / Multi-Application" camouflage/concealment kit that is suited for wooded or desert environments. Most of the fabric materials in the kit are colored "Camelbrown", a proprietary color used by Tactical Concealment for all of its sniper based apparel.  Should your parameters call for green colored materials, simply use the included items to easily achieve your color.
The contents of this kit can be used to construct the following items:
  • Up to Two Mission Capable Ghillie Suits
  • Blind for Desert or Greenside Hide Site
  • Light Infantry Weapon Concealment Covers
  • Aerial Concealment Screen
The items within are provided in raw form so you have full control on constructing your concealment project. The I.C.C.D. Kit # 7 is an excellent tool for achieving mission goals and enables full exploitation of visual oriented field craft skills.
(The base clothing to construct ghillie suits is not included in this kit).
Qty. 2 E6000 Industrial Adhesive Cartridge, 10.2 oz ea


Qty. 1 Trigger Squeeze Caulking gun (for adhesive cartridge)

Qty. 5 Shoe Goo Tubes, 3.7 oz ea

Qty. 7 1-Ply (1 lb.) Jute Strand Bundle (natural color)

Qty. 1 Pine Grass Bundle (natural color)

Qty. 2 1-ply (1 lb. ea.) Jute Strand Bundles (OD Green)

Qty. 1 MOSS Jute Hair Bundle (natural color)

Qty. 2 MOSS Dreadlock Bundles (1 lb. ea.) (natural color)

Qty. 50 Foliage Bands (natural color)

Qty. 1 Nylon Netting, 1.75” Hole Size, Dim: 6’x4’ square (Camelbrown Color)

Qty. 1 1-inch Nylon Netting 6-feet wide x 4-feet long (Camelbrown Color)

Qty. 1 RhinoSkin Standard Duty Duck Canvas, 60”x36” (Khaki Color)

Qty. 1 RhinoSkin Standard Duty Duck Canvas, 60”x36” (Light OD Green color)

Qty. 1 Foam Padding, 16”x40”

Qty. 1 Flame Retardant, 8oz Spray pump bottle

Qty. 1 Tactical Mesh LD, 60’x36” (Camelbrown color)

Qty. 1 Tactical Mesh LD, 60”x36” (OD Green color)

Qty. 1 Elastic Shock Cord, 1/8” Dia. x 15’ (Camelbrown Color)

Qty. 1 Nylon 550 Cord, ¼” Dia. X 15’ (Camelbrown Color)

Qty. 8 Industrial Color Dyes, (Green 1, 3, 5, 7, Brown 2, 3, Yellow 1, Red 1)

Qty. 1 Spyder Mesh Blanket (Camelbrown Color)

Qty. 1 Spyder Mesh Blanket (Olive Drab)

Qty. 1 UV Latex Paint, 1 oz bottle, (Camelbrown Color)

Qty. 1 Acid Brush

Qty. 1 Cutting Shears

Qty. 1 Text & Photographic Construction Guide

Qty. 1 Nylon Sewing Thread Spool, 350 yards, 69wt nylon (Camelbrown Color)

Qty. 2 Darner Hand Sewing Needles

Qty. 1 Curved Sewing Needle

Qty. 1 Earth Brown 999 Spray Paint

Qty. 1 Field Drab 968 Spray Paint

Qty. 1 Sand 977 Spray Paint

Qty. 1 Woodland Green 990 Spray Paint

Qty. 1 Earth Red 967 Spray Paint

Qty. 1 Duck Canvas Storage/Transportation Bag, 18”x24” (Camelbrown Color)

Qty. 1 Nylon Webbing, 9’ long x 1” wide, (Camelbrown Color)

Qty. 1 Elastic Webbing, 9’ long x 1” wide, (Camelbrown Color)

Qty. 2 1-inch Plastic Buckles (Camelbrown Color)

Qty. 2 Cord Locks, (Camelbrown Color)

Qty. 2 1-inch Ladder Locks, (Camelbrown Color)

Qty. 2 1-inch Tension Locks, (Camelbrown Color)

Qty. 10 Zip Ties

Qty. 1 Ink marker